​​​​​​​Anne's memoir of childhood,
Ollie Ollie In Come Free 

Is it possible to re-awaken the forgotten world of childhood?  In Ollie Ollie In Come Free author Anne Bernard Becker takes the reader down such a rabbit hole.

Based on her years in psychoanalysis as an adult, the book is an intimate immersion in the quirky, whimsical world of the introspective young narrator. Amid the profound cultural shifts from 1955 to 1970, the author's spirited Catholic family faces their own unique challenges.  Their emotional numbing in the aftermath of three tragic losses haunts Anne as she grows into adulthood.

Ollie Ollie In Come Free offers a fresh, compassionate exploration of such important themes as the toll of unexpressed grief on young children, the power of sibling interactions, the developmental impact of religion, and adolescent ambivalence toward being seen. The book recreates a lively universe that many readers will find uncannily familiar. 

​​​​​​​​​​Anne Bernard Becker

Author • Workshop Facilitator

Family constellation work explores how the traumas of past generations directly impact our lives. It allows us to live more freely, not by distancing ourselves from our family wounds, but by integrating our ancestral past as a source of blessing and strength.

When Constellation work is done in a group setting, participants act as representatives for one another’s family members. The burdens each family carries come to light through a series of interactions and very spare dialogue. The process reveals intergenerational roots of illness, depression, addictions, problems with intimacy, and other troubling issues. Such sweeping ancestral experiences as immigration, slavery and war, as well as particular family experiences of early death, institutionalization, or violence are seen, honored and lovingly transformed.

Anne's personal memoir about the impact of childhood grief

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​​​​​​​Anne is also a trained facilitator in
Systemic Family Constellation Work

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Reflections on motherhood, creativity, politics, community, aging, and spirituality

NEW RELEASE! ​​​​​A book of personal essays,

Fresh Springs Deep Down  

Does growing older always mean growing wiser?  Many of us strive to live consciously and open-heartedly as we age. This means honoring our own heartbreaks and victories as well as the world’s. In Fresh Springs Deep Down: Glimpses of Grace in the Personal and Political, Anne Bernard Becker muses on timeless themes from the perspective of a Midwestern empty nester and everyday contemplative. Her deeply personal essays are colored by the sweep of political events and social change during the pivotal years 2015 to 2019.  Their candor invites readers  to plumb the spiritual, psychological, and cultural depths of their own daily reality.

In these essays, Becker explores the search for creative voice, moments of spiritual insight, the meaning of motherhood, love, and aging, the joys and challenges of authentic community, engagement with social and political movements, the call to compassion, and the hunger for an expansive life.

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Anne is the author of Fresh Springs Deep Down: Glimpses of Grace in the Personal and Political, a book of essays (2020). In 2014 she published an intimate account of childhood grief, Ollie Ollie In Come Free: A Memoir of Swallowed Time. Anne also leads workshops on intergenerational trauma. 

Fresh Springs Deep Down builds on the insights Anne has gained  in her older adult journey through loss, conflict, love, and spiritual consolation. It explores a multitude of universal and timely questions asked in a spirit of hope, wisdom, and grace.