Family constellation work explores how the traumas of past generations directly impact our lives. It allows us to live more freely, not by distancing ourselves from our family wounds, but by integrating our ancestral past as a source of blessing and strength.

When Constellation work is done in a group setting, participants act as representatives for one another’s family members. The burdens each family carries come to light through a series of interactions and very spare dialogue. The process reveals intergenerational roots of illness, depression, addictions, problems with intimacy, and other troubling issues. Such sweeping ancestral experiences as immigration, slavery and war, as well as particular family experiences of early death, institutionalization, or violence are seen, honored and lovingly transformed.

Because of Covid-19, I am not able to offer group workshops currently. All sessions this winter are conducted one-on-one online.

Healing the trauma
you've inherited from
​your ancestors

Systemic Family Constellations